Spotz Tuna Hydrofoil

Spotz Tuna Hydrofoil


Michelle D. Alderson


Hydrofoil for kitesurfing


Boards are faster when they fly

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Winging It

The Tuna is a third-generation hydrofoil design from Spotz, a French company that has been making these products since 2009. Like all hydrofoils, it helps lift the craft (in this case a kitesurfing board) out of the water, thus reducing friction and increasing speed. The Tuna comprises a front wing that creates the lift, a rear wing that provides stability, and a mast that attaches to a kitesurfing board. (Spotz offers a $750 board designed specifically for the Tuna.) The company says this latest version of the Tuna is easier to attach and detach than its predecessor. It also says the Tuna is more rigid and provides the rider with better control.

Spotz Tuna Hydrofoil

Made in France

Spotz Tuna Hydrofoil