Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran

Phantom International Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran


Danielle Cutler


Lightweight foiling catamaran


Speed and stability for racing or just speedy sailing

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Foiled Again

From France-based Phantom International comes the Flying Phantom, a One Design Class of flying catamaran. The Flying Phantom’s design team tried out all different variations and combinations of foils and rudders in its quest to come up with a lightweight, strong, yet fast flying catamaran. It has determined that L-shaped foils paired to T-shaped rudders provide pitch and stability while cruising at maximum speed, as well as the ability to sail in light winds. Featuring a longer and tapered carbon mast; high-aspect code O hoist on top of the mast; monocoque carbon chute; carbon/epoxy hulls; polygonal beams for increased stability; CNC 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum rudder cassettes, gudgeons, and mast foot for lightweight strength; Hi Modulus carbon foils; and increased beam, the Flying Phantom is a stable, powerful, and lightweight cat. Thanks to its L-shaped foils and T-shaped rudders, this catamaran is capable of fully planing above the water, which decreases drag and increases speed. Look for this boat in the Red Bull Foiling Generation race series.


Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran


Length: 18 feet. Width: 9 feet 10 inches. Weight: 342 pounds.

Package includes hulls with sails and Code O (white hulls, $42,500; blue, yellow, or black hulls, $43,900; custom-design hulls, $48,350).

Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran
Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran
Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran
Flying Phantom Foiling Catamaran