Ozone Kites R1

Ozone Kites R1


Michelle D. Alderson


Race-ready water kite


If Laird Hamilton kitesurfs, it must be fun

$1,200 Buy

Uplifting Experience

Kitesurfing really took off in the late 1990s, when big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton popularized the sport with his long-distance rides off the coast of Maui. Around the same time, Ozone—which also makes paragliders, land kites, and snow kites—entered the water-kite business and began providing products that offered high performance, stability, and durability. One of the company’s current models is the R1, a racing kite for advanced riders. The kite’s high cell count reduces ballooning and creates more speed, and the leading-edge air-intake valves are positioned to maintain stability and provide a more solid kite downwind. The R1 also features diagonal ribs, reduced cell width, and a newly calculated sail tension. It’s available in eight colors and 10 sizes, and can be purchased with or without the Foil Race Control System.


Ozone Kites R1