Modobag Rideable Suitcase


Michelle D. Alderson


A suitcase you can ride


Why walk if you can cruise?

$995 Order

Revvin’ To Go

Late for your flight? With the Modobag, you will never have to run through the airport again. The first rideable—yes rideable—motorized suitcases is now available to order. Faster than running (for most people), the Modobag cruises thorough any terminal at 8 miles per hour with a 150-watt electric motor. Tested on water, land, and air (just for fun), this compact carry-on packs a lot of power, traveling up to 8 miles with only one hour of charging. When walking won’t make the flight, simply pull out the telescoping, collapsible handlebar, pop up the quick-release, slip-resistant foot rests, and rev her up. The memory foam cushion seat takes you to your destination on a comfortable and, let’s face it, fun ride.

TSA, ITA, and FAA compliant, the Modobag can even be used as a personal device charger: Dual 5-volt ports and side-pocket storage keep your technology close and ready to go.



First motorized carry-on




Mechanical features and specifications:

Motor: belt-driven, high-torque, 150-watt electric

Top speed: 8 miles per hour

Speed control: indoor and outdoor settings

Thumb action throttle

Lightweight lithium batteries

Range: 8 miles (based on 180-pound rider)

80% charge in 15 minutes; full charge in 1 hour

Battery life: More than 4,000 full charge cycles

UL-approved smart charger

Dual-wheel braking system

High-performance CNC-machined, sealed-bearing steering column

Telescoping aluminum handlebar


App features:

GPRS-GSM real-time tracking

Proximity alert

Exterior features:

High-strength U.S.-made DuPont ballistic nylon shell

Protected easy-access laptop pocket

CAD-designed, lightweight aluminum chassis

Ergonomically designed Modobag foot rests

Extendable towing handle

Stowing/lift handles (front/rear mounted)

YKK zippers

Side-mounted pockets: 8 by 11.5 inches (tablets); 5 by 6 inches (phones)

Interior features:

Illuminated dual USB charging ports

Illuminated power and LED light controls

Digital battery capacity gauge


22 by 9 by 14 inches

2,000 cubic inches interior stowing capacity


Bag weight: 19 pounds

Max rider weight: 260 pounds


Custom high-performance polyurethane

High-performance sealed bearings