Mach2.3 Moth Boat

Mach2.3 Moth Boat


Danielle Cutler


Hydrofoil Moth boat


Exhilarating to race and easy to transport

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Flying Moth

This third iteration of the Mach2.3 Moth is stronger, faster, and more reliable than the previous models from the collaboration between Australia’s Andrew McDougall and the McConaghy boatbuilding company. McDougall designs (and races) the Moths, and McConaghy produces them. The new version features a lightweight autoclaved carbon hull and an early-lift superfast horizontal foil with the new McDougall low-drag flap joint. The boat weighs only 66 pounds when fully rigged, and it can foil in winds of only 6 knots and reach speeds faster than 30 knots in stronger winds. You can easily transport and prepare the boat for sailing without any assistance, and it comes with a boat cover, foil covers, and a trolley. It complies with the International Moth class rules, so if you start training now, you can aim for the 2017 International Moth Australian Championship in January.


Mach2.3 Moth Boat

7 times World Championship–winning boat

Mach2.3 Moth Boat