LifeTrak Zone R420 Adjustable Fitness Tracker

LifeTrak Zone R420 Adjustable Fitness Tracker


Danielle Cutler


Fitness-tracking watch


Holistic approach to health

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Get in Your Zone

LifeTrak’s Zone R420 is another offering in the fitness-tracker category. Taking an overall-health approach to fitness, this watch aims to help us optimize our fitness factor by monitoring our activity and sleep, workouts, and step counts, and presenting all of it via easy-to-decipher records. Track your heart rate with a chest band  (not included) or by a button on the watch, and sync everything to the LifeTrak app, which is also compatible with Apple Health.

Our Robb Gear team tested this health-tracking watch and determined it really does what LifeTrak intends—it totally works. It’s also simple and easy to figure out. While boasting a sleek look that’s not too bulky, it is bigger than a Fitbit, but it has more features. The Zone R420 lets you set goals and track your progress in reaching them, which our team found aids in motivating to exercise and to compete with yourself to reach those goals. Switch out the reversible watchband to get the look you want while you get fit. And no excuse that you forgot to charge it last night—this tracker uses a battery with a 12-month lifespan.


Water resistant to 90 feet

LifeTrak Zone R420


Interchangeable and reversible bands

Continuous heart rate via chest belt (not included)

ECG accurate heart rate finger touch via push button

Heart rate zone analysis via LifeTrak app

Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit apps

Automatic sleep tracking

Precise activity tracking

Track calories burned

No recharging needed

Water resistant to 90 feet


One-year warranty

LifeTrak Zone R420
LifeTrak Zone R420
LifeTrak Zone R420
LifeTrak Zone R420