Goode Fire Pure Carbon Super-Lite Ski Poles

Goode Fire Pure Carbon Super-Lite Ski Poles


Danielle Cutler


Poles to help you maneuver, not weigh you down


Better balance and feel, less impact

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These carbon-fiber, fiery-red poles weigh in at just 520 grams per pair—30-percent lighter than aluminum alloys. Featuring an open-shaft-style grip, the Fire Pure Carbon Super-Lites come with two basket styles—T-baskets for racing and powder baskets for, well, powder. Swap them out as needed. And while they might be light in weight, they are full of shock absorption, thanks to the carbon fiber. All Goode poles are designed with “pencil” shafts instead of tapered. Goode used this pencil style for better balance and feel, which also translates into less impact on your elbows, wrists, hands, and shoulders. And they’re aerodynamic and strong, too. Apparently, they are six times stronger than aluminum alloy poles. They come with Palm Plus straps with the Inter-Loc system to keep those things where you need them. The strap releases from the pole if it experiences high impact—like if it’s caught up on a branch while tree skiing. Skier David Goode founded the company in 1975. All of the research, development, and production is done at Goode’s Ogden, Utah, headquarters. The company introduced the first carbon-fiber ski pole in 1990, and we have all been reaping the benefits ever since.

Designed, researched, and made in Odgen, Utah

Diameter: 10.4mm, Weight: 520 grams/pair