Focal Listen Headphones

Focal Listen Headphones


French-engineered headphones at a great price


High-end sound on the go? What’s not to love?

$249 Buy

Listen Up

Cost-effective headphone quality is a tough challenge for any consumer to judge, given the variety of models available. A sure-fire way to get the most from your money would be to purchase headphones from a respected manufacturer like French audio brand Focal, which recently released three new headphones to the market at very different price points. At hand in this case is the lower-priced model, which offers excellent value for $249. The Focal Listen headphones are a portable model meant for use with mobile devices, so to that end, they also include a microphone and function button for hanging up or answering phone calls. Focal calls the listen model “high-end urban headphones,” and they certainly deliver in both comfort and sound quality.

The most noticeable aspect of the Listen headphones when removing them from their packaging is their feel of durability. The plastic band and foam earcups feel solid and built to last, and the soft-touch headband feels pleasant to handle. While the construction of the housing is all plastic, I get the feeling that I could take these anywhere, whether relaxing on a long flight or heading out for a morning jog. The memory-foam earcups are substantial and comfortable, so these headphones should provide hours of listening comfort with no fatigue. The built-in microphone is of good quality, and the cable is detachable for convenient transport, as the headphones fold and store easily in the included carry case.

Upon placing the headphones on my head the first thing I notice is the impressive sound isolation. Even with no music playing through the headphones, sounds from around me are significantly dampened. The sound quality is good, and the mylar/titanium speaker driver presents frequencies in a very balanced manner. The bass is not overwhelming, which is often the case with headphones at this price point, but rather it presents a tightly controlled and precise sound. The midrange, where vocals and instrumentation are made evident, is also smooth and clean. Sonically these headphones offer a lot for the money, and while they aren’t an active noise-canceling model, their isolation is truly impressive.

One can be comfortable wearing these headphones to a variety of functions. They have a simple appearance and a compelling price point, making them a versatile choice. Compared with other similar models in the market, they exceed many expectations, and you can count on good quality from the exacting standards for which Focal is known.


Focal Listen Headphones


Closed circumaural headphones

Exclusive diaphragm technology offering amazing sound quality

Mobile, light, comfortable, and high-isolation headphones

Multifunction remote

Compatible with all smartphones

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Sensitivity: 122 dB SPL @ 1kHz -/1 Vrms

THD: <0.4% @ 1 kHz/100 dB SPL

Frequency response: 15 Hz – 22 kHz

Driver: 1.58 inch mylar/titanium

Weight: 0.60 pound

Cable length: 4.6 feet

Connector 0.14-inch jack, 4 conductors

Dimensions: 9.41 by 8.34 by 4.38 inches

Focal Listen Headphones
Focal Listen Headphones
Focal Listen Headphones