Deppen Lalani Travel Paddle

Deppen Lalani Travel Paddle


Danielle Cutler


Adjustable wooden travel SUP paddle


Handcrafted with a beautiful design for stand-up paddleboarding

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Keep Calm and Paddle On

Made from Peruvian walnut, red cedar, and guanacaste, the Deppen Lalani travel paddles feature linear designs created with different combinations of the woods (“lalani” is Hawaiian for line). All of Deppen’s paddles feature a carbon-fiber core, an 11-degree blade bend, and a hand-carved dihedral for more efficient paddling. The blades are wrapped in fiberglass cloth and then the whole paddle is coated in polyurethane for added strength. Deppen’s patented grips give your hands better positioning for increased stability and less energy use. The carved finger grips let you know right away that your hands are in the best position. The travel model slides apart with the press of a stainless-steel button. The adjustable travel model has a shaft that expands in 2-inch increments.


Handcrafted in Sanford, Florida


Notes: Choose from different models/wood selections—Lalani, Akua, Hoku, Mauna—each with a different wood type and design.

Deppen Lalani Travel Paddle