Audeze LCD-4 Headphones

Audeze LCD-4 Headphones


Reference-class, planar magnetic headphones


They speak volumes

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Magnetic Attraction

If you think of planar magnetic headphones, the first company that should come to mind is Audeze. The company can be thanked for the lion’s share of recent popularity in planar magnetic headphones, credited in large part to its incredible sonics and iconic designs. The LCD-4 is no exception, providing a reference studio headphone at nothing less than exceptional quality. If you don’t mind a heavier set of headphones, the leather-and-metal construction and upgraded diaphragms will take you to sonic dimensions never thought possible.



Audeze LCD-4 Headphones


Includes a professional travel case and some of Audeze’s high-end removable cables.

For optimal performance, you will need a headphone amp. We recommend the Audeze Deckard Headphone Amp.


Transducer type: Planar magnetic

Magnetic arrays: Double Fluxor magnets

Magnet type: Neodymium

Transducer size: 106 mm

Maximum power handling: 15 W

Sound pressure level:           >130 dB with 15 W

Frequency response:            5 Hz – 20 kHz extended out to 50 kHz

Total harmonic distortion:  <1% through entire frequency range

Audeze LCD-4 Headphones